Craigslist Blind Date

BMP_2059Finding your dream project on craigslist that’s not ragged out is like weighing the odds of a homeless man marring Jessica Alba. Not happening. However every once in a while a super moon appears and you find your gem. Now in most cases this is when you have no money and can’t afford to snag it up. Well that’s normal but every once in a while a orange moon appears and you find your dream car on craigslist when you can afford it and it is the very exact one you saw years ago and it’s up for the taking.

Tyler Williams found his 1977 Celica that he had longed for after seeing it for the first time winter of 2010 while he was broke and fresh out of school. Patients worked out for him and he was finally able to pick up his long lost lover in 2011. The car was describe by Tyler as fully restored, great paint, perfect black interior and AC that would make frosty the snow man say turn on the heat.

This was his daily driver for a good couple of months until that one bug that comes after all enthusiasts reared its head. The bite of power and much more of it, as Tyler says the 20R just wasn’t cutting it any more. Once again the craigslist-dating scene was back in full swing, until he again found his solution to his unfit mistress. A RB25 swap for $ 900 dollars complete with transmission, wiring and an ECU.

Tyler dropped the car off at a mini truck fabrication shop to have the motor and trans put in and to his surprise the only cuts needed were for the shifter and the cross member, even the intercooler piping fit through the bumper shock holes. After fitting the motor in the car it appeared due to the steering shaft the OE turbo setup was a no go. So the purchase of a top mount manifold and a massive dumb truck turbo for cheap the motor was settled in right.

That next weekend was the wiring phase, cleaning up the harness and getting rid of what was not needed. After finishing it all and after getting the car running the hard part started, as the car started blowing coil packs left and right, a problem that was sourced back to a faulty ECU and then a fuel pressure issues followed.

Tyler has since figured affix for the fueling problem and the car has been reliable for the last 9month. Tyler says he is still completely content with his decision in buying the car and doing the swap… Every project has its ups and downs but at the end when your hard work has paid off and you can sit back and look at what you’ve made with a smile you know it was all worth it.


Now for many this may piss you off that he threw a Nissan motor in a Yota but let’s be honest at the end of the day it’s a clean swap. Often time’s people get caught up in the purist mentality and are more worried about what others think of their work that they themselves paid for. Obviously Tyler is not that person and we lo

ve it.

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