Columbia, SC:: Captial City Meet Pt. 1

TiS6J5pRH9U4YOhikaDaVl2YT9x4uxICfDVWbzY16R4,pUZIthEooSHKRULsvlwPZk-FtJ-2nMHHzJ1-z70W2kgColumbia, South Carolina has much much more to offer than it’s Famous night life downtown. At night the streets fill up with cars from North Georgia to Southern North Carolina that way everyone can take a piece of Columbia ‘s Autmotive Enthusiast Bi-Weekly Car Meet.

h3SAiK9Oze7MoOq_I7QV4Ntsj4V3gHF3qwhlDXFvH38,zg5_xqfFeyrrBnCY5EGeq9fM7krAA-seWFd-CLrbmccNot your ordinary Gallardo this elligant ride is also Twin Turbo’d.

tuq174o4hDdxNTCUwydXq9nhy9XeNafwyi8WdgJZnpY,Dnm-RYEj8AiIyEcafVBXtKKTf08lhkS-9uNGeaoqIoQ nBgqEVtHhKUoQkuUWP_fACC0e-5AOBE7hr3k2VGXRJgNow talk about good parenting not only did this young enthusiast have one modified Child Car he had two.

INHHl6xypafpn1kr-zbx9ECddz77jQj793zMotkgRBk,-kkL4jePD-jNC3GO2z-hSav8ndDhR-ovq9a2xjHap_M T-ugopzqi1HdN3gmCOthw706A6t-UBySeSjLbLXqU_w,wgkVie1mQvm4EVfHz9_zyJrC9RfU9831uIJZgvOdPAA 6ST8zjtNl2RZ8vDPidEL2IApPFFFDF_EijuzcRqGNEs,cmFXDwO1NAJE90j1AO3aV8ipooacaVEH3M8yrEyJdD8The event ended yearly due to a miscommunication between the local Police officers and city event planner which has now been resolved. This is a MUST attend meet if your within the area. Be sure to check out CAE’s page for any upcoming events.

Photos by: Ryan Burgee, Digital Expressions Photo.Video,

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