Feature:: 1993 Twin Turbo Toyota Supra

Some say you can’t put a price on happiness, while import enthusiasts may say SUPRA. Known as the king of Japanese imports the Toyota Supra is one ass hole not to be played with. As many racers believe it’s all about the 60ft in a drag race the supra will surely show you other wise as it cast a false sense of hope on it’s opponent before destroying their dreams as it hits full boost and leaving them a rubber trail to follow. The owner of this beast Brian Adams aka Mr fix it, took no short cuts after rescuing this beauty from it’s past owner who was far from mechanically inclined. Equipping the car with a more efficient inner cooler, rare bits such as it’s RMM Style Rear Wing and custom fitted twin turbo intakes, this Supra is no rag doll. Hopefully your car is fast enough to take a picture before this bird takes flight.


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