Hampton, GA:: Import Alliance Spring Meet 2015

Words and Pictures by Juan Pablo Carias and Photobycereal2k (Lee Vermont) Day 1 We believe it’s safe to say that I.A is one of the most anticipated automotive events in the country. Kicking off this year, I.A came to Atlanta for a 2- Day weekend to celebrate their 7th consecutive year, as well as celebrating […]
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EUROJAM 2015!!

With EUROJAM being central Florida’s largest European car show it gained a pretty big crowd and attention from folks all over the state of florida and Im sure people from other states attended as well. Taken place this year in Orlando Festival Park there were some pretty impressive builds on hand, along with a couple […]
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Atlanta, GA :: Cars and Clouds Meet February 2015

The Cars and Clouds meet is a new local monthly meet in it’s 4th  staging so far and it has grown in leaps and bounds. For the February meet there was a huge turn out with various local crews in attendance.  Infamous Society was present with Tony’s wide body Lexus making it’s debut.  Lexotic, VIP […]
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What does one consider balance? Is it the ability to juggle on a tight rope? The will to hold steady on the edge of a cliff or maybe the equality in a build with such attention to detail that would make even the creator of Mona Lisa smile. I first saw this car at a […]
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Atlanta, GA:: Caffeine and Octane February 2015

Atlanta’s Caffeine and Octane has moved to a more spacious location for 2015 at the Perimeter Mall. This is a welcome change for the new year to accommodate the hundreds of car enthusiasts and spectators. The event  got started just around 6 a.m for cars to park up and get situated by 8 a.m in a new featured […]
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Import Face off has definitely started off with a bang. With its next destination being Gainsville Fl I’m sure there will be some heavy hitters both on the track and hard parked for the car show. Photographer: Daniel roache Author: Daniel roache


Recently there have been a lot of new car show series popping up one of them is import face-off which is a fun event for car enthusiast. Its a mixture of car shows and drag events that travel to different states. We were able to catch up with their first event of the year in […]
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SEMA 2014 PT 3

This is the final installment of the SEMA coverage 2014 below you can check out numerous pictures of clean rides and new products from companies that were at SEMA. If you ever have the chance to go to SEMA take it, its definitely an experience to try first hand. Till next year! \ Photographer: Daniel […]
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SEMA 2014 PT 2

Here is some more coverage from SEMA 2014!!

SEMA 2014

Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is one of the biggest show cases of products and cars in the US. The first SEMA show was held in 1967 in the basement of the dodge stadium and has done nothing but grow and expand since then. The SEMA show showcased over 60,000 domestic and international buyers. There is […]
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We  know when there are events involving cars there are gonna be hiccups whether its over heating, blowing a tire, no traction, blowing an engine or the worst of them all; crashing. Thank god nothing major happened to any of these incredible drivers because there were spin outs off roading and a couple blown engines. […]
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The sun is still rising and while people are getting their cars to the starting line there are cars already doing test passes Race fuel filled the atmosphere in a distance I can smell beef being cooked up on a grill and I turn and see a Ferrari 458 pulling up, not one but two, […]
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In California there is a little town named coalinga. Its one of those places on the map that unless your from California you probably never heard of it, but to put it in perspective its 2hrs north of LA and 2 hrs south of the bay. In this little town you will find some of […]
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Feature: 1999 ACURA INTEGRA

In this life we are some times given a second chance at things. whether it may be at relationships, jobs, friendships or maybe even a car. It’s what you do with that second chance  to make it count that makes everything worth while. Joey got into the Honda game because of his older brother, at […]
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Carrollton, GA:: Z Nationals 2014

The 10 year anniversary of Z Nationals was held over the weekend of October 10th and 11th with spectacular affair. This was the first time the track event on Friday was held at the Atlanta Motorsports Park, which is a really top notch facility. Track participants were G’s, Z’s and GTR’s and a few other […]
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Feature: 1993 BMW E30

With the stance craze and fitment scene taking over it can sometimes be hard to standout. That’s not he case for Jack Mushyan, his 1993 E30 build is not something you may typically see rolling down the street. For one its a convertible, what better way to enjoy the California summer than to have to […]
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Stone Mountain, GA:: Luxury Car Meet V

It was beautiful day to drive to Stone Mountain, Georgia, for the long awaited Luxury Meet V. The event was hosted by: Terence Miller, Infamous Society car club, Glass Tiger Tinting and The Law office of Cory J. Lynch. This event was created to showcase modified luxury cars or non-luxury cars all in one place, […]
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Marietta, GA:: SouthrnFresh 4

The annual SouthrnFresh birthday celebration took place recently with a lot of quality builds and crews in attendance. Despite the eventual rain I think a general good time was had with south east friends catching up and chilling out. Definitely a lot of necks were broken. The Super Star customs booth certainly did not disappoint. […]
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Feature:: 2003 Infiniti M45

Patrick Elbaum’s Infiniti M45, Japan’s interpretation of a modern day muscle car is pretty hard to miss on the street. You can always find him riding low and slow. The air80 blue tint and blue wheels  is quite a perfect fit for the white exterior. Pat AKA Aint Him is one cool dude and you […]
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Sometimes it’s just the simple part of life that makes setting up a car look good. You don’t have to go over the top, you don’t have to go crazy with carbon fiber and stanced out wheels. Sometimes it’s just the combination of a few great looking pieces coming together on one canvas and you’re […]
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